Feature fiction film

Sin La Habana is a film about power, prophecy, and destiny as seen through the eyes of three people. Leonardo (Yonah Acosta), a ballet dancer, and Sara (Evelyn O’Farrill), an ambitious lawyer, are young black Cubans desperate to leave their country. They realize that their ticket off the island is for Leonardo to seduce one of the foreign students at the salsa school where he teaches. When he meets Nasim (Aki Yaghoubi), a Canadian-Iranian divorcée, and moves to Montreal, the international love triangle disintegrates into a situation where nobody gets what they wanted, but everyone ends up closer to their true destiny.

Written in collaboration with Cuban hip hop producer and academic Pablo Herrera.

Produced by Voyelles Films.

Funded by Telefilm Canada, SODEC, Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, Harold Greenberg Fund, CBC Breaking Barriers

With the participation of the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos, IFP Narrative Lab, TIFF Writers’ Studio

Premiered at: Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montréal) October 2020

International premiere: Miami International Film Festival – March 2020


  • Prix de la diffusion Québecor  (Festival du Nouveau Cinéma)
  • Gerald Hershfeld Award for Best Cinematography (Ashland Independent Film Festival)
  • Best Cinematography (MISAFF)
  • Best First Feature (MISAFF)
  • Best Editing (MISAFF)
  • Best Screenplay (MISAFF)
  • Best Sound Design (MISAFF)
  • Best Production Design (MISAFF)