Multidisciplinary collaboration

In the late 18th century, Josef Haydn was commissioned to create a composition based on the Seven Last Words of Christ; the seven immortal phrases that the Bible claims Jesus uttered while dying on the cross. Composing a separate sonata to evoke each “word”, Haydn’s opus is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful pieces of classical music, particularly the version written for string quartet.

In homage to the music and its evocative themes, I am developing a multidisciplinary project that will involve the creation of a seven-part film to be projected during performances of Haydn’s composition by the Callino String Quartet. Seven accomplished filmmakers from different cultures, religions, and cinematic approaches will each create a film to accompany a “word” and its sonata. The films will be highly personal and diverse interpretations of the music and the theme of the “word”.

The films will be screened with live ac­companiment by the London-based Callino String Quartet in a variety of settings (film festivals, music halls, art galleries, rock clubs…)

Filming begins in May 2017.

Additional confirmed directors include:
Bruce McDonald (Pontypool)
Sophie Deraspe (The Amina Profile)
Karl Lemieux (Maudite Poutine)
Juan Andrès Arango (X Quinientos)
Caroline Monnet (Roberta)
Ariane Lorrain (Un mariage arrangé)